David Cook - Dream Big

Friday, June 6, 2008

He’s been my favorite American Idol ever since he did Chris Cornell’s version of Billie Jean. Although it was not original as the judges believed, it was arguably better than Cornell’s version. I predicted the top 3 to be David Cook, Michael Johns and David Archuleta.

I hated last year’s American Idol - Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis were the epitome of garbage. I only watched one episode, when Bon Jovi mentored, and I thought Melinda Doolittle stood out by a thread. Still, American Idol 6 was rubbish.

Speaking of rubbish, this season’s garbages were David Hernandez, Amanda Overmyer, Chikezie, Ramiele Malubay, Kristy Lee Cook, Jason Castro. I can’t fathom how the useless Castro made the Top 3. Disgusting.

So-so singers include Carly Smithson, Brook White and Syesha Mercado - who were much better than Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis COMBINED.

Did you know that David Cook has an album back in 2006, “Analog Heart”, which I’ve heard and thought it was average by his standards, with “Straight Ahead” and “The Truth” standing out.
David Cook’s best performances include “Hello”, “Billie Jean”, “Baba O’Riley”, “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” and “Dream Big”. I’m not too fond of the winner’s single, “The Time of My Life”, I prefer “Inside Your Heaven”.

I hope David Cook records this track for his upcoming album, it’s enjoyably upbeat - “Dream Big”. If all goes well, hopefully he goes on to become the best AMERICAN IDOL winner, eclipsing the frontrunners Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

As for the rest of the Idol winners, they do not have staying power and will eventually fade away. I just hope that David Cook does not go down that path.

When I was a little boy
I swore that I would change the world when I grew up
Nothing else would be enough
I see it everyday
We settled for safe
And lose ourselves along the way

Cause if you dont dream big
What’s the use of dreaming
If you dont have faith
There’s nothing worth believing
It takes one look
To make the stars worth reaching for
So reach out for something more

Took a well perfected plan
For me to finally understand
That it’s not me
Faith is something you can see
I wiped my tears away
Now its time for a change
No I cant waste another day


Stacy said...

David Hernandez is not garbage.


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